Changing Address - The Property Buyers Guide by Simply Altruism_Change of Address Cheat Sheet. Helping you with everything moving related including the best change of address checklist

Changing Address made easy with this Change of Address Cheat Sheet

Changing Address? So you’ve signed all the contracts. Provided all the paper work, inspections are done and now the wait[…]

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Building/Pest Inspector - The Property Buyers Guide by Simply Altruism_Building & Pest Inspections_What do the do and do I need one? Explaining exactly what to expect including what a building and pest inspector will do at an inspection.

Building/Pest Inspector – What do they do? And do you need one?

What does a Building/Pest Inspector do? And do you need one? Many people often ask is it really worth paying[…]

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The Property Buyers Guide by Simply Altruism_Land Tax_What is it and do I need to pay? Explaining the rules and regulations around Land Tax and who needs to pay and when.

Land Tax in Australia – What Is It? & Do I Need to Pay?

Land Tax is payable if you own or jointly own a residential property within Australia that is not your principal[…]

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The Property Buyers Guide by Simply Altruism_My Wish List vs Absolute Must Haves FORM. An easy solution to help figure out your must haves when looking and buying real estate or property.

Absolute Must Haves vs. My Wish List – A guide to getting what you want

Why should you have a hard and fast list of absolute must haves? Well as you see more and more[…]

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Buyers Agent - The Property Buyers Guide by Simply Altruism_Buyers Agent or Advocates what are they, what do they do and should I engage one?

What is a Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate? and Should I Engage One?

A Buyers Agent also known as a Buyers Advocate is a professional that specialises in helping a purchaser of property.[…]

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The Property Buyers Guide by Simply Altruism_What is a Cooling Off Period. Everything you need to know about your rights when buying property or real estate.

What is a Cooling Off Period? Know your rights when buying Real Estate

In essence a cooling off period is a legal obligation between two parties that have entered into a contract of[…]

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Real Estate Terms - The Property Buyers Guide by Simply Altruism_Real Estate Terms & Jargon_What does it all mean. Explaining what the most commonly used terminology in real estate and their meanings

Real Estate Terms and Jargon – Understanding Real Estate Terminology

Real Estate Terms as in any industry has an array of terminology/words thrown around that seems to be there just[…]

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