Our “Why”…

Share in Our Why and Vision! Helping to Teach and Empower Everyone in Everything Real Estate!

Why – Did I Create It?

After helping many families with their property purchase and receiving lots of positive feedback. Also just seeing how happy they were with the help they received, it had me pondering how can I help more people at scale?

There truly is no better feeling than the gratitude felt from a happy client.

Why – Do I Do What I Do?

I truly love the thought of being able to Teach and Empower everyone! …whilst making it a level the playing field.

After all not everyone is skilled in the art of negotiation nor do they wish to be… but having the right tools and questions available to you can certainly help make a more informed decision when it’s time to buy.

Why – Does Someone Need This Product?

If you are like I was and just as many others are too, you probably felt: excited but unsure, nervous, anxious, bewildered, overwhelmed, not sure where to start, what questions to ask and where to go for help?

This is exactly the right place for you! We aim to take all the heart ache and uncertainty out of the process and provide you with all the information and guidance needed to make that big purchase.

Why / Use “The Property Buyers Guide” App?

“The Property Buyers Guide” App was designed with YOU in mind.

It’s simple to use nature means that your research and viewing of properties saves you time.

The simple step by step framework means that you ask the correct questions to make an informed decision when buying your home or investment in turn saving potentially thousands of dollars.

Why / This Website and Blog is Useful to You?

This website along with the regularly updated blog post’s is designed to provide you with as much information as possible to help make that important decision. Everything from handy hints and tips, inside secrets. We will also guide you to what type of third party professionals you should engage (and not).

From time to time with careful vetting we will bring you articles, interviews and feature blog posts. From experts within the industry to share their knowledge to help you gain an insight with your decision.

“Although we can guarantee that it won’t make us popular with agents and the like! Again this website has been designed with one person in mind – You! I too have been in your situation and would have loved to have known the information found here and on the App; but have had to learn the hard way.” – Ben Armstrong

Download “The Property Buyers Guide” for FREE here…

Buying a property will be the biggest purchase of your life! Whether it’s land, investment or your home, with the aid of “The Property Buyers Guide” you can make a better informed decision.

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Happy purchasing!

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